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The One with the Fertility Test

The One with the Fertility Test 2003

imdb 8.2 2628

Still unable to conceive, Monica and Chandler decide to get tests done at a fertility clinic, where they run into Chandler's favorite ex, Janice. Rachel receives a gift certificate for a free massage at a chain massage center. Phoebe chastises Rachel for even thinking about going to a massage chain, which she feels takes away business from independent massage therapists like herself; however, Phoebe actually works at this specific massage chain. Rachel says she won't go and even tears up the gift certificate, but she later tapes it back together, goes for her free massage, and gets Phoebe as her masseuse. Joey and Charlie's relationship progresses, Joey confides in Ross that Charlie might be too smart for him. As Charlie wants to go to the "Met" (not to see "The Mets" as Joey originally assumes), Ross coaches Joey on the museum's layout and certain paintings on a planned route through the museum.

Runtime: 22
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Starts: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc
Director: Gary Halvorson

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