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The Bigger the Better

The Bigger the Better 1984

imdb 8.6 117

It was midterm, the weeks of study had been tough and now those on campus were restless and anxious for a walk on the wild side. Watching the male students, he sensed their need for relief and excitement. He walked quickly toward the men;'s room next to the gym. Inside he lowered his jeans and sat in the stall exposing his gigantic cock rising huge and thick with anticipation. Then they came in, one after the other — hot and horny hunks, ready for kicks. In minutes, the toilet filled with the pungent odor of man-to-man sex…

Runtime: 68
Genres: Adult
Starts: Rick Donovan, Peter North, Brian Hawkes, Bobby Madison, Buster, Mike Ramsey, Joe Craig, Gregg Stores
Director: Matt Sterling

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